"I simply can't say enough about BELC. My daughter loves it there and so do I. The curriculum is academically challenging and well rounded. The staff is loving, caring and very professional. I give BELC an A+!"  Denise H.

"There are so many 'magical' things that happen at Bethlehem. The entire staff all care about your child's safety, your child's learning experience & growth, about you & your family and any personal needs that you may need help with. Bethlehem is truly our second home. It provides an education, a support system, and lasting friendships. When making your decision about the first school for your child there is a lot to consider. I have never been more confident that my husband and I were 100 percent right on this one!" Melanie B.

"I love the teachers -- mom, they are so the best!"  Hannah B. (age 5)

"Our family has been attending BELC for over seven years and we could not be happier. My husband and I had no doubt that our children would have the loving pre-school experience they need. We always wanted a safe, happy, academic and Christian place for our little ones and that's exactly what Bethlehem is." Tori S. 

"Our kids are so lucky to go to BELC. It's such a nice school."   Michael J. (after attending Dad's Day)

"I saw the children 'hard at play' while you provided kind and respectful guidance and encouragement. Better than any flyer or Facebook post, without the need for words, you made it clear that BELC is a welcoming, kid-friendly community of learners." Richard B